ink&coda is an online journal of prose and music. We publish our winter issue on January 15 and our summer issue on July 15. Both emerging and established writers and musicians are encouraged to submit.

ink&coda publishes fiction, creative nonfiction, and drama; we do not publish poetry. We seek experimental and surprising prose that reveals reflections of an everyday world and everyday people through a distorted lens. We enjoy the absurd, the enigmatic, the dystopian. We do not accept pieces that rely on genre clich├ęs; however, we do accept literary pieces that incorporate elements of science-fiction, horror, and other genres.

Likewise, ink&coda seeks instrumental music that is unique in its composition. We want classical, electronic, ambient, experimental, and jazz that suggests rather than dictates mood, is as free of cultural baggage as possible, and revels in varieties of timbre, tone, and texture. Though we are primarily interested in instrumental music, we consider works that incorporate voice provided that it is used to complement the music rather than serve as the focus.

ink&coda was founded on the idea of a whole formed from the union of prose and music. And so we humbly ask, as you explore our inaugural issue, that if you had intended to read, you also listen, and if you had intended to listen, that you also read.

The submission period for our next issue is open with an extended deadline of June 15, 2014. If interested in contributing prose and/or music, see Submissions for more details.